About Us Miami

Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa MiamiThe decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery can be one of the biggest moments of a person’s life. At GRS Florida, we strive to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible for our patients in the Miami area.

At GRS Florida’s facility, we believe in providing patients in the Miami area with total care. That means our expertly trained team is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional personalized care from the moment you first contact us until your last post-operative checkup.

Gender reassignment surgery requires an immense amount of expertise. The surgeon must have extraordinarily skill and must be capable of executing complex plastic surgeries. They must also have a keen eye for subtle detail and male and female aesthetics in order to provide results that look natural.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Schnitt has over 22 years of experience performing procedures for the face, breasts, and body. He specializes in the field of gender reassignment surgery. Dr. Schnitt also understands how personal the decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery is. He focuses on providing compassionate, friendly, and comprehensive care with an exceptional focus on meeting the specific needs of each individual patient.


Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa MiamiAt our location in the Miami area, we offer a wide array of procedures for both transgender men and transgender women. Our list of services includes facial-feminization surgery and facial-masculinization surgery involving areas like the nose, cheeks, forehead, jaw, neck, and chin. We also provide services like laser hair removal to eliminate any unwanted body hair in areas like the chest, arms, legs, and back.

We also perform procedures of the body that can be performed to create a more curvaceous figure with feminine contours or a more masculine look with a flatter and more sculpted chest. Dr. Schnitt specializes in MTF breast surgery. His years of experience in this area have provided him with the skills required to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results that fully satisfy the aesthetic needs of our patients.


We designed our facility in the Miami area with our patients in mind. Natural lighting and modern design emphasize the feeling of comfort we want our patients to experience when they are here. Our facility is equipped with eight modern consultation rooms designed to feel warm and inviting, along with several minor procedure rooms and an on-site surgical suite equipped with the latest technology.

Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa MiamiEach of our private consultation rooms is equipped with HD digital photo imaging and Ultra HD monitors. This makes it easy for us to display high-quality images that will help you get a realistic understanding of what your results will look like. Our minor surgery rooms, where we perform laser treatments and cosmetic injections, come equipped with HD TVs so that you can relax and watch your favorite program while being treated by our team.  


Our team at GRS Florida is passionate about their work and committed to providing patients in the Miami, FL, area with the total care they deserve. If you have decided that gender reassignment surgery is the right choice for you, contact GRS Florida today to schedule a consultation.

We can take the time to guide you through the entire process, address any questions or concerns you may have, and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your stay.