Are You Considering MTF Breast Augmentation?

Life isn’t easy when you’re a transgender woman or a transsexual woman. Firstly, there’s all the societal pressure that you experience on a daily basis. Then there’s the need to look more feminine that isn’t simply achieved by clothes and makeup. Being born biologically male is frustrating when you know you are a woman who […]

Are You Considering Facial-Feminization Surgery as Part of Your MTF Procedure?

Facial-feminization surgery (FFS) involves one or more plastic and craniofacial procedures that can transform a trans person’s facial features. Through facial bone and soft-tissue reconditioning, masculine characteristics are made more feminine and appealing. FFS is a versatile technique and can be modified to suit individual needs and requirements. Many procedures fall under the umbrella of […]

Understanding Non-Binary Identity

Our concept of ourselves is intensely linked with our gender. For this reason, it can be quite difficult for many to imagine the mental trauma of a gender identity that is uncertain or does not tick the “male” or “female” box. Some people do not feel like they fit the mold of male or female, […]

Facial Masculinization: A New Adam’s Apple

The Adam’s apple can be very prominent in men and is considered by many to be a very masculine characteristic. It is composed of thyroid cartilage. When a person would like to have a more pronounced Adam’s apple, we can perform a procedure known as thyroid cartilage augmentation. Thyroid cartilage augmentation is performed for trans […]

Incorporating Liposculpting into Body-Feminization Surgery

Body-feminization surgeries are increasingly considered an integral part of male-to-female gender-confirmation surgery. Larger breasts, a slimmer waist, a fuller posterior, and wide hips can signify femininity in a body. Many surgeries can be performed together to achieve this effect, including butt augmentation, MTF breast augmentation, and liposculpting. Many trans women suffer from body-image issues and […]

The Details of FTM Top Surgery

FTM top surgery can be a transformational moment in a person’s life. Its ability to reduce dysphoria and improve a transgender person’s quality of life has been seen time and time again. If you’re looking into FTM top surgery for chest masculinization, it’s best to know as much as possible about the procedure beforehand. The […]


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