Facial Masculinization Surgery Fort Lauderdale

Facial Masculinization SurgeryThe goal of Facial Masculinization Surgery (FMS) is to masculinize facial features, such as the forehead and chin. For trans men that desire a more masculine facial appearance, FMS can help achieve the desired look.

Though less common than Facial Feminization Surgery, FMS can provide many FTM patients with a satisfying transformation of their face. Men tend to have a flatter forehead, a broader nose, wider chin, and a more pronounced angular jaw mandibles than women. Thus, Facial Masculinization Surgery can be thought of as reversal of Facial Feminization procedure with augmentation—instead of reduction—of the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and jaw to masculinize facial features. New specialized techniques also allow for the creation of an “Adam’s Apple” that moves up and down with swallowing.

Dr. Drew Schnitt’s experience in craniofacial surgery and rigorously trained eye for detail make him an expert choice for Facial Masculinization.

Recovery from Facial Masculinization Surgery

Facial Masculinization Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Surgery time may vary depending on a number of factors.
After your surgery, the areas treated will be carefully bandaged. You can expect mild-to-moderate pain that should reduce within a few days of surgery. Bruising and swelling may persist for several weeks.

While all surgeries carry potential risks, many complications can be avoided by following the pre and post-operative instructions that you will be provided with before surgery.


  • Dr. Drew Schnitt s a member of WPATH and follows the WPATH Standards of Care. You will need to supply a letter from a qualified mental health professional recommending Facial Masculinization Surgery.
  • Hormone therapy is not required.
  • Dr. Drew Schnitt will operate on those under 18 years of age, with parental consent.